Feel Cooler Thanks to Auto Window Tinting

We'll help bring down your car's interior temperature in El Paso, TX

Improve your car's appearance and enhance its security by adding auto window tinting. Universal Tinting & Accessories can tint a four-door car in approximately one hour. We can also remove or redo the tinting that's currently on your vehicle. We have the ability to service all makes and models, and we work with several local car dealers. Give your car a personalized, professional appearance by visiting Universal Tinting & Accessories today.

auto window tinting el paso tx

5 reasons to get your vehicle's windows and windshield tinted

A lot of people choose to get their car windows tinted to make them look better. There are also numerous other benefits of window tinting:
  1. It reduces uncomfortable heat buildup in your car
  2. It gives you protection from UV rays
  3. It protects leather from drying out
  4. It reduces glare without reducing visibility
  5. It increases your level of privacy

We offer vehicle window tinting for all types of cars and trucks. We also offer windshield tinting. Contact Universal Tinting & Accessories for your window tinting needs in the El Paso, TX area.